West Texas Feast (Feeds 3-4)


A 20 porterhouse, two chicken breasts grilled or fried, and your choice of 12 oz sirloin or 2 tilapia filets.
Served with family portion of vegetables, mashed potatoes, and Mexican corn.

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A 20 oz. Porterhouse, two chicken breasts (grilled or fried) and your choice of a 12 oz. Sirloin or two tilapia fillets (grilled or fried) or two shrimp skewers served with family-style portions of charro Beans, mashed potatoes and Mexican street corn. (FEEDS 3-4)

Option of Temperatures: Rare | Medium Rare | Medium | Medium Well | Well Done

Additional information

Porterhouse Temperature

Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well Done

Chicken Style

Grilled Chicken, Fried Chicken

Choice of

12 oz Sirloin (Rare), 12 oz Sirloin (Medium Rare), 12 oz Sirloin (Medium), 12 oz Sirloin (Medium Well), 12 oz Sirloin (Well Done), 2 Grilled Tilapia Fillets, 2 Fried Tilapia Fillets, 2 Shrimp Skewers

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